Any way to do multi-page ORM diagrams yet?

  • Hi,
      Though I thought I could do multi-page ORM diagrams in an earlier release; I must be recalling that feature in InfoModeler.  Is there a way to work with multiple design pages in a single ORM file?  Even with the improved symbols, a single page can get very cluttered in a hurry.  The multi-page option in InfoModeler was very good for breaking up a complex model into logically focused pages (usually centered on one important Entity Object).  It makes it easier to convey the process behind the model to non-experts too.  If it's in the works, I'll be waiting for it; and if not please give it serious consideration.  Thanks.  BRN..

    • Kevin M. Owen
      Kevin M. Owen

      Yes, it it possible to add additional pages to your model. At the bottom of the diagram, there should be a gray bar. At the left side of this bar will be a tab for the current page, which will have the "ORM" in red and the name of the page. If you right click in this area (either on the tab or the bar), you should be able to choose "New Page" \ "ORM" from the context menu.

    • Hi, Thanks for the quick reply.  Just tried the feature and I can get new pages - great!  Tried to rename or delete  a new page, but the options are greyed out.  Having two new pages named ORMnewpage is less than optimal, any way to activate the change name and delete page options yet?  None the less, thanks for adding the multi page feature, as I'm sure it will lead to better modeling.
        BTW,  I'm working on a PowerPoint presentation for my use for a future presentation at CT DotNet users group meeting on the NORMA project.  It will have some intro material on the Relational Model and ORM and a walk through using the tool.  I'll include the features as I find them and learn how to use them.  I can pass along the PPT to you if you'd like to post it when it's ready(and I'll likely post it on my site, in anycase).  The last one I saw (though very helpful), was from April, and things have progressed since then.  BRN..