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Incomplete mapping to ER

  • Clifford Heath
    Clifford Heath

    I submitted a bug about an incomplete mapping to the relational model
    some weeks back, together with the ORM model that caused it. It seems
    like a serious error to have elements in the ORM that don't appear in any
    form in the SQL, yet I've had no indication that anyone's thought about
    looking for it... issues with the displayed shape of value restrictions don't
    seem as important (but maybe that's just me :-).

    Has anyone else seen this? I've worked around it for now by adding a
    unary role to the objectified type that was missing (checked into SVN on
    activefacts.rubyforge.org), but I'd rather not have to add redundant facts
    to my model to get necessary elements emitted.

    The affected objectified type was "Visit", being verbalised as "Entrant
    visited EventControl at Time", with a uniqueness constraint spanning all
    three roles and no roles on the objectification. Perhaps NORMA is trying
    to tell me that I didn't need to objectify Visit?