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install with VS IDE for sql server 2005

  • Allan Lindgren
    Allan Lindgren

    I have installed SQL Server 2005 developer edition with a version of VS 2005 for SQL Server. I have installed NORMA as well. When I try to create a project for an ORM solution I get only XML code for a model and no modeling diagrams. Can NORMA be installed with this version of VS 2005 or will we need the complete (Mucho $) developers edition of VS?

    • Kevin M. Owen
      Kevin M. Owen

      Unfortunately, as far as I know, you will need Visual Studio 2005 Standard or above (i.e. Standard, Professional, or one of the Team System versions) to be able to run NORMA.
      This limitation (that only Standard and above are extensible via packages) is imposed by Microsoft, not by us.

    • John Miller
      John Miller

      Have you tried one of the Visual Studio Express editions? They're free.



      • Scott Baldwin
        Scott Baldwin

        I just installed the express version and had no luck with NORMA. The DSL Tools redistributable won't install, neither will NORMA.

    • Hi,
        If it helps, here's the link for the qualifications for upgrade pricing for VS 05 Standard: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/howtobuy/renewal/#standard  There's a fair chance you have one of the qualifying products.
        That's still up to $199 out of your pocket, so not a perfect solution.  I'm using the standard edition, and if you look through the edition comparison table, there's not a whole lot more that you get with the Professional edition (unless one of those things is essential to your work).  I have the standard version of SQL Server available to me - so I can use the full version of client side tools (like SQL Server Management Studio, rather than the express version), to flesh out most of the functionallity I don't have in the VS Standard. Still, it's a pain to have to copy over the generated .SQL files to work with them in a proper editor. Even at that, MS doesn't provide Intelisense for SQL editing (which is one of best features of VS).  One thing that the Professional edition has is the ablity to work with database project types. Has anyone tried using a database project type for NORMA?  It would seem a more natural fit.
        If the price of VS Standard is more than you are willing to commit at this point, you might try finding a MS DotNet users group in your area.  They sometimes have promotional or beta versions of the software.  You can also check on MS TechNet and MSDN events in your area.  By attending, you might get a disk with beta or trial, or even full Not-for-resale version you can use.
        I've tried the express version, and there is a lot you can do, and a lot you can learn with them, but not NORMA.
        Good luck.  BRN..