plix to nettiers generation, status / how to?

  • Taber_Loveless

    I have the latest (as of 01/22/2008) from Neumonts SVN which has the nettiers projects and would like to know how to use/implement it AND/OR the completion-status/roadmap.


    • The submitted code is not yet in a useable state, but I've continued the work on my machine and am much further along with the DataAccessLayer and EntityLayer. What needs to happen before you get at least a minimal implementation:

      1) The DataAccessLayer and Entity layer are almost complete, but not checked in. I've done all of the initial work for 'IncludeRelations', which was completely undone in all of the layers.
      2) The Sql Entity Provider layer is started. I haven't determined if I want to do the generic layer at the same time.
      3) The mapping from the ORM models to the 'SchemaExplorer.xml' file (looks similar to the SchemaExplorer object model, but in xml form) needs a small amount of work for table and columns (IsCalculated needs to be generated into the SchemaExplorer file, for example). Views have not been added at any of the layers (we just started generating views in limited cases at the end of 07).
      4) C# names are getting decorated as part of the NetTiers generation. This is obviously not appropriate for PLiX-targeted transforms, which are meant to generate multiple languages. However, the name scrubbing is an undone in PLiX, and the schema doesn't allow decorated names. I need to update PLiX formatters to normalize names (as well as a small amount of work on the event patterns) and remove the C#-specific name work from the generation layer.
      5) I need to figure out the open source issues before I bless this code by putting it in setup. The plix templates are ports of the .cst files, which do not have proper open source copyright info on them, although the templates as a whole are under lgpl. This would obviously be easier if the original templates were correct open-source copyrighted. I'll probably just acknowledge a copyright belonging to the NetTiers website. (Any comments on the open source issues here would be appreciated).

      That will get the three basic layers (Entity, DataAccessLayer, SqlEntityProvider) up and running, which is enough to start using the generated NetTiers code. Other layers (WebServices, etc) use these as building blocks. You'll simply add these as generated output from the .ORM file and have incrementally updated .NetTiers code mapped to the current state of the generated DDL.


    • Taber_Loveless

      New book?!? SWEET!!

      Should I pre-order here or is there a better place for a NORMA project contributor and Neumont Alumni to get a copy?

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    • Haha. I don't think NORMA/Neumont folks are on any easy track for the new book. -Matt