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AndroMDA and NHibernate

  • Hi,

      At some point, someone had mentioned that NHibernate (as well as other mapping frameworks), were being considered in future plans for the NORMA tool.  At a recent developers meeting in my area, a presentation on NHibernate demonstrated some of the useful features of this framework.  One of the developers in attendance mentioned a code generator that they had found works very well with NHibernate called AndroMDA (pronounced Andromeda).  These aren't in my wheelhouse, but for those so inclined, the home site is http://www.AndroMDA.org This is open source and seems well along, well supported and stable.  How, or in what form, these might work into the NORMA game plan is for others to say.  BRN..

    • ted creedon
      ted creedon

      Please look at EasyObjects too.