Role Modeling - not - Relational Mapping

  • Hi,

      The people that visit this site regularly know it concerns an Object Role Modeling project, not an Object Relational Mapping project.  I'm sure I'm not alone in having seen references to ORM, or begun converstaions about ORM, only to find out they were talking about Object/Relationial Mapping - a horse of a very different color.  I did a google search on ORM & "Object Relational Mapping" and saw 137,000 references; tried ORM & "Object Role Modeling" and got 29,800.  Here on SourceForge, ORM found 56; and though NORMA got top billing, the rest looked like Object Relational Mapping sites.  "Object Role Modeling" got 1 - NORMA; "Object Relational Mapping" got 82 references on SF.

      Though Object Role Modeling has been refered to as ORM for far longer than Object Relational Mapping has, it's doubtful that anything can be done about this hijacking of the acronym.  So, how best should those interested in Object Role Modeling make clear the subject of our interest?  Maybe the best thing is to spell it out more often.  While we certinly can continue to use the acronym, it may be best to always start with the full designation, and use the full name more often in general.  If others have thoughts on this, please pass them along.