Would graphic indicator of page origin help?

  • Hi,
      Take a look at an ORM model using mutiple pages to divide up the domain facts, and you notice shadow graphics around an element that is referenced in another page.  One problem could be that there's no way to tell on which page the element was defined (other than scanning the pages, or maybe if they had the element name in the page name).  Can't see this using the current Object Explorer, either.  Wouldn't it make sense to make any changes to an element on the page where it was created; so it would help to be able to find that easily?  If so, how best to do that?  Is there an ORM2 designation that covers this?
      Until submodeling is enabled (spring '07?), looks like paging is the best way to logically divide complicated models.  Seems that a few adjustmets to multipage model functionality would be very useful.  BRN..

    • There is no page affinity between an element and the diagram it was created on.

      We will provide feedback in the model browser to let you easily get at shapes that are displayed on no diagram.

      Adding a menu item to jump to list the (other) diagrams that the element is displayed on, as well as a way to jump to the corresponding element in the model browser, are both valuable and low hanging fruit. I'll look at doing these soon (the dynamic menu item is about an hour, the model browser work is a little more involved but needs to be done for other things as well).

      Minor feature note for 2006-12CTP: dragging an element from the model browser to a diagram that already contains a shape for that element will select the corresponding shape. I'll add the same 'Select on Diagram' menu in the model browser context menu as I do on the diagram.


    • Hi,
        Thanks again for inside knowledge.  I can see how not tying an element makes sense (as a page is an artificial device for human readablity, not an intrinsic part of a conceptual model).  Would a first instance indicator be a more appropriate way to select the segment of the model to use when editing an element?

        In any case, don't get brain fried!  While it's great that you guys are working on new ideas, NORMA looks to be more of a marathon than a sprint, and we do want to see you guys cross the finish line.  Must admit, though, that I see a lot of potential for this tool, and it's satifying to see the progress being made.  BRN..

    • Development tools are never done. We'll be at this for quite a while.

      I added the 'Select on Diagram' menu in changeset 945.

      Would it be useful if we had a "Daily Drop" file release? We could just rebuild and post the .msi for those brave enough to try the latest and greatest. We wouldn't spam it up (no news release, etc). This would let you get the latest bits (at least the ones included in setup) with a simple uninstall/reinstall.


    • Hi Matt,
        Actually, I'm not sure is incremental release files would be a good idea or not.  On the one hand, it would mean that each new feature could be in the hands of the community that much faster.  On the other hand, I think you'd have to add a little infrastructure to keep things from getting confussed.  For instance, if there was one set of bug reports, would your team or the general audience know about which iteration or release the posts refered?

        I'd say a start a seperate forum for this type of high turnover versioning.  Have some notes about what and how in the first posts (pinned), and maybe leave the hypelinks for the these types of downloads in one of those posts (with the caveates).  Also, ask the posters in that forum to always include the change set number they are using.  I'm active on asp.net, and I think that's how they might handle something like this.

        If you go with something like this, how does that fit into plans to move hosting to Neumont's IT dept?  Better to wait until that happens, or use this as a pilot program there, and move the current hosting format and pattern is the pilot works?

        Short answer is yeah!  I love playing with new toys, and didn't get enough for Christmas.  As long as the new stuff comes wrapped in some release notes, it's worth a try.  BRN..