Holliday wishes for the nORMa team

  • Season's greeting!

    I'd like to wish all of the members of the nORMa team a merry Christmas and happy New year!  Thanks for providing the slew of CTP release over the past several months.  I did not have a chance to test them thoroughly, but they seem to follow in the tradition of more features and stability with each release.  My wish for all of us is that the team will have the time and ambition to continue their good work, and that the rest of us will have the same to test and provide feedback and suggestions.  Good health and good fortune to all in the coming year.  BRN..

    • Thanks, Brian

      We'll pick up the CTP pace again in late February. You'll see incremental improvements in the DDL generation, new code generators, improved name generation (explicit column and table abbreviations will be supported), and the usual gradual quality bar improvements. You will also see some additional changes that correspond to ORM2 notation extensions from Terry Halpin's new ORM book, mostly in the subtyping and reference mode areas.