Extending the use of Intellisense in NORMA

  • Hi,
      Working through the "Creating ORM Schemas" Word document bundled with the NORMA material, I see that you are using Intellisense with some tools.  Trying it with the ORM Fact Editor brings up a list of Object Types (with a CNTRL + Space key combo).  This is helpful, but it look like it would be more helpful if Intellisense was used in more ways, and more intuitivly. How about having the Fact Editor start with a drop down list of Object types, then a list of Roles, then Object Types again, etc...?  The savings of time and effort with things like Intellisense must be one of the few reasons people still program in BASIC - Visual, .Net or otherwise.  Unless there's good reason not to use it, I'd say make the most of the Intellisense feature.  It would also seem to have applications in reusing sample data and other areas as well.  BRN..

    • Scott Baldwin
      Scott Baldwin

      I'm not sure how much the Fact Editor Intellisense codebase has changed since I worked in it. The hardest part was just setting up the ability to do any Intellisense. Once that was introduced coming up with the "Completion Set" was the easy part, and we stopped with just Object Types. Querying the model for fact types and roles should be fairly easy for creating new Completion Sets for Intellisense (it seems like the completion set was a string array, but I could be wrong).

      I like the idea of sensing the context of the fact during fact entry, e.g. object, then predicate, then object again for a binary.

    • ted creedon
      ted creedon

      Is ""Creating ORM Schemas" Word document bundled with the NORMA material" bundled in the Feb 2007 CTP?

      • Hi,

          I don't think that the document is in the last bundle.  I'm pretty sure Tyler Young http://sourceforge.net/users/tynman/ was the author.  A good amount of the details have changed since the article was created (and are still changing), but it is still worthwhile.  If you don't see a link to the doc soon, try posting a note to Tyler.  BRN..

      • Hi,
          Just checked, and it is installed in the Neumont Folder within the Program Files folder on your system (in the Help folder).  Still, keep in mind that it's nearly a year old, and not all the content is still valid.  BRN..