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Modify the entering of roles in ORM Fact Edit

  • Hi,
      Maybe it's already in the works, but making it easier to add roles into "New" facts in the ORM Fact Editor would be helpful.  Having to manualy place the cursor between {0} and {1}, and remembering to add spaces gets old fast.  Also, is there a reason why {0) and {1} are used instead of the Object Type names that are already selected in the left pane - like {Person} {Car}?  It's harder to make a mistake if you see the actual names.  BRN..

    • Scott Baldwin
      Scott Baldwin

      Brian, you are referring to the Readings Editor instead of the Fact Editor, correct?

    • Hi Scott,
        You're right, I did mean to say ORM Reading Editor, rather than ORM Fact Editor.  Quite a few editors in NORMA. BRN..