It seemed that it was a good idea, in earlier releases, to give names to everything as you went along.  Unless you named roles, ring constraints would balk.  Also the generated DDL scripts would be more confusing when names were not given to the component objects in a model.  Is providing role and other object names still a best practice?  Would unique (within the predicate), default role names generated by the nORMa tool be useful?  If so, would using a form of the predicate reading ( has/of becoming Has for role-1, and Of role-2), work?  Would the nesting of predicates, and objectification cause problems when the predicate readings, and resulting role names, were repeated - anyone use has/of more than once in a model?

Unless and until an auto generation for names is added, how about making it easier to name roles by adding a name/rename option to the right click context menu?  It may seem like a small thing, but having to go to the properties window and select the name value, is just one more bit of friction.