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Using sample data

  • Is there, or will there be a way to use sample data, as there was using InfoModeler?  Is the use of sample data in the design of ORM models still part of the methodology in ORM 2?

    • John Miller
      John Miller

      I'd like to see examples supported two different ways. The first is the traditional way of populating the examples in the predicates. The second is populating the examples in the object types.

      If you could populate valid examples in the object types you could project the examples into the predicates and produce sample data without having to duplicate the data for every predicate attached to an object type.

      Ideally, you could create structures that could populate the physical implementations with valid data.


      • Kevin M. Owen
        Kevin M. Owen

        We are actually in the process of working on these features right now. We are planning on supporting the second and third features that you mentioned (full model population, and pre-populating this data in the various targets that we generate for).
        We are also planning to eventually support counter-examples for use both in live validation as well as generating test cases for the generated code.

    • If you can, I think a way to make the data persistant would be helpful.  With InfoModeler, I tried to use sample data that looked like the real data I would be using.  It was no fun re-typing a 10 digit alpha-numeric ID each time I wanted to use that sample data for a new fact for a given object.