#28 Missing facts in generated ER model.

Clifford Heath

I have a new version of my Orienteering schema that seems pretty close
to working correctly with the latest (March) CTP - good effort guys, I
really like your progress. A lot of things seem much better, though it's
still a pity how often I must click the mouse while entering sample
populations - tab and cursor keys is the expected way of navigating
such things.

However, at least one of the facts on the diagram is not present in the
MS SQL Server schema. Look for evidence of the "Visit" objectified type.
It seems to be completely missing. I didn't even notice until I produced
an ER diagram in Enterprise Manager. It's a worry that you don't have a
tag attached to each item in the conceptual schema that you set when
you absorb it into the final ER schema, as a way of validating that you
haven't missed things - or at least of listing the things you had to miss.

Is it possible to turn on the ER mode in this CTP and view that diagram
here, or is LiveOIAL not far enough advanced to do that yet?

Clifford Heath.


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    Clifford Heath

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