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New alpha version released

A new update version 0.8 R2 was released .For more info. on this release ,proceed to orkutalert.wordpress.com or orkutalert.sourceforge.net

Posted by littlewiki 2006-11-18

New Update released

A new update version U2 was released to fix a minor change in the orkut home page.

Posted by littlewiki 2006-09-22

New update alert

Dear user,there has been a minor change in the orkut main page due to which the current version (U1) will not work.An update will be soon released.

Posted by littlewiki 2006-09-13

New update released

A new version(revised) has been released which has quite a lot of bug fixes and improvements over the previous one.Please read the changelog for more information.

Posted by littlewiki 2006-09-03

New Blog released

Dear friends,for the time being i have started a new blog entry at wordpress.com This will serve as a temporary site untill the main page at http://orkutalert.sourceforge.net is ready .

The blog is located at http://orkutalert.wordpress.com

Posted by littlewiki 2006-08-29

Important Update

Dear downloader/Beta testers ,theres has been a change in the main orkut home page because of which the currently released versions will not work.I will be updating the page with an updated version soon.

Posted by littlewiki 2006-08-22

OrkutAlert_0.6_Beta Released

After a gap of week OrkutAlert_0.6_Beta has been finally released .Most bugs in version 0.4 have been fixed and updated.Please read the change log for more info

Posted by littlewiki 2006-07-22

0.6 Beta R2 Released

The second release of OrkutAlert0.6 has been released which fixes quite a lot of bugs from the previous versions.

Posted by littlewiki 2006-07-18