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Orian Info Pack 2006 released

Its a new Zip file which has all the details of the upcoming Programming Language Orian, and a few source code examples! This zip folder explains why to use orian, who orian is for, and most of all what is orain. Check it out you might like it.

Posted by Biohazard 2005-08-23

Needing Help.

Creating a programming language is not easy, I need as much as help as possable. Your help is greatly appreciated thank you.

Posted by Biohazard 2005-08-22

Orian Takes Its first leap

Now the orian programming languge has a reason to be, simplicity is the key! OPL will be simpiler to create applications with than Visual Basic. And OPL will be funner to use.

Posted by Biohazard 2005-08-22