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  • Mansi

    To anybody reading this post,

           We are trying out the tutorials for the Orca2-2.2.0 however, it seems that for couple of the tutorials, the configuration files are missing.

    More specifically,

                      -> Using Orca with Player/Stage simulator
                          missing configuration file : ogmaploader.cfg
                                                       orcaview.cfg / orcaview2d.cfg
                      -> Using utilities
                          missing configuration file : registryview.cfg
    Any help regarding where to download or find these files would be helpful

    Also, we are trying to connect two linux systems(Kubuntu) through wired network however, we cant seem to connect the two computers. Any ideas to overcome this problem would be appreciated as well.

    Thank you,


    • Alex Brooks
      Alex Brooks

      Hi Mansi,

      Please don't use this forum, use the mailing lists instead.  In general no-one looks at these forums, it's only because I happened to be creating a release that I noticed this.

      In answer to your question, the configuration files get built when you compile the project.  If you've compiled, they should definitely be in the distribution.  Where were you looking?  If you still can't find them, try " find <orca2_source> | grep ogmaploader.cfg ".

      Re: computers not connecting: it's impossible for anyone to know what could be wrong without more information.



  • Hi,

    Does anybody has the list of the drivers or the names of cameras  used with orca under linux