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GNACK version 1.3 released

This version fixes a major bug in the server side code generation.
For further news, see the NEWS file.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2011-07-17

GNACK version 1.2 released

This version works with ORBit2. (Tested with stock ORBit2-2.14.4. ORBit-gt is not required.)

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2006-12-31

Conversion to ORBit2, continued

Finally, I am resuming work on the ORBit2 adaptation. The tests are starting to run again (most notably, tao_param_test) and I hope to bring out a new release Real Soon Now.
CVS users are encouraged to give it a spin.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2006-12-29

Conversion to ORBit2 has begun

Today, the first test program, orbit-echo, runs under ORBit2. More to come.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2005-01-07

CVS is activated

The GNACK source code is now checked into the SourceForge CVS repository.
This is the first step for the work on updating GNACK to use ORBit2, which will be done in the following weeks.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2004-10-17

GNACK version 1.1c released

In the course of extensive changes on the code generator,
FATFIFI had got broken. With GNACK version 1.1c
"she's back in business".

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2002-07-05

GNACK version 1.1b released

GNACK version 1.1b is a BFO (bugfix-only) update.

Computation of with clauses has been completely reimplemented. With clauses are now generated only for those units actually referenced somewhere.

The code generator has been refactored and common backend functions now live in a separate Perl module, CORBA::IDL2Ada.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2002-07-01

GNU Ada CORBA Kit version 1.0 released

Coinciding with the release of GNACK version 1.0,
the ORBit-Ada project is happy to take its new home at Sourceforge. Besides numerous bug fixes, the main addition in 1.0 is FATFIFI, a generator for Formatted Ada Text I/O From IDL. FATFIFI is a general purpose tool that can also be used without a CORBA ORB.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2002-02-16