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Source Code

Recently there was a comment about the availability of source code in the review section. The Oracle Management Tool Suite is a set of shell scripts. By definition you have the source. It's distributed as gzipped tar files for each "tool" simply for convenience.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2012-09-10

Updated orasetup and dbcontrol

New updates:
orasetup has been updated to support the ORACLE_UNQNAME environment variable, and fixed a problem with grep'ing strings.
dbcontrol has also been updated to support ORACLE_UNQNAME when using the dbconsole, and added the version command to the help message.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2012-01-25

SYSMON updated to support 11g

SYSMON has been updated to support 11g.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2010-09-18

Minor SPACEMON revision

Re-released SPACEMON with two minor changes. The space_inst script had the wrong version and the spacejob.sql script had the wrong schema owner.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2010-08-25

Updated version of SPACEMON

An updated version of SPACEMON has been released. Version 2.1 was developed for Oracle 11g and includes a new package with multiple functions. Included is index utilization estimating, and html reports. More user information will be released shortly.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2010-08-24


It has come to my attention that there are errors in the just released version of SPACEMON. I will fix these and get a new release out shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2010-08-19

New version of SPACEMON

SPACEMON has been updated with a new schema and is compatible with 11g R2. Look for new updates shortly which will change how indexes are handled and will incorporate an HTML based reporting procedure.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2010-08-01

New Updates

orasetup, dbcontrol and ascontrol have been updated to support 11gR2 and the "grid" label has become "GC10" since 11gR2 clusterware uses the grid label to identify its ORACLE_HOME.
bkctrl has been updated to try and fix problems with submitting an archivelog backup from an existing backup session.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2010-02-05

New updates - version 1.6

The Oracle database backup utility bkctrl has been updated with several bug fixes and the orasetup utility has been updated with a "menu" option which will list the databases/utilities available in the oratab file.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2009-08-14

Release 1.5

New versions of dbcontrol, orasetup, bkctrl and ascontrol. Oracle 11g support has been added and ascontrol has been changed to support multiple application servers on one host.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2009-02-07

bkctrl and dbcontrol Updates

bkctrl has been updated to support RMAN duplications with the use of a "clone" option. The idea is to allow automated duplications from disk based backups using point in time recovery.

dbcontrol has also been updated to support a direct shutdown abort command and the ability to startup in "nomount" mode.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2008-01-09

New versions of local/script utilities

New versions of the local/script utilities have been added. They've all been updated to tar files to preserve permissions and UNIX line feeds.

ascontrol, dbcontrol and logdelete have bug fixes. See each script's preamble.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2007-10-18

UNIX Permissions

The first release is distributing the tool suite modules as ZIP files. Unfortunately this has the side effect of not preserving UNIX file permissions. In the past tar files have been used to circumvent this problem and will probably have to be reinstated. The biggest modules affected are the bkup, spacemon and sysmon modules just because there are lots of components.

In general, set *.ksh, *.sh files to 750 with the exception of orasetup which should be 755.
Set .sql, .config and most other files to 640.... read more

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2007-09-20

First Release Available!

The first version of the Oracle Management Tool Suite has been released! More detailed documentation will be released shortly.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2007-09-19

Coming Soon!

The Oracle Management Tool Suite is almost ready for release. The tool suite will include the utilities:
More information will be forthcoming once the release date is set.

Posted by Andy Rivenes 2007-09-13