'Add Employee' Failed

  • Hi,
    I have tried to ad a new employee but on each attempt, the responce is "Failed to add" !
    What could be the problem?


  • just a hint: there's anything on your webserver logs? php errors should go in there.

  • Well thanx.
    I have actually traced the problem to the employee CODE. It appears the application generates the CODE automatically. Unfortunately in my case there seem to have been some CODES generated yet the actual employees are non-existent.
    For example I have 10 employees. While adding the eleventh one, the CODE generated was 020!!
    Is there a way that I can reset the CODE numbering system?

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    Re: 'Add Employee' Failed

    New postby himath » 23 May 2010 11:48 am
    Which version of OrangeHRM is this? The latest stable (production ready) version is OrangeHRM

    Similar issues have been reported on the beta releases of OrangeHRM 2.6, which is not yet production ready. These issues have been fixed
    in the latest code that is in Sourceforge. We hope to complete final rounds of testing and release OrangeHRM 2.6 as stable within a week.