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translation of OrangeHRM to Portuguese-Brazil

  • Hello,

    Need to know how I do the translation of OrangeHRM to Portuguese-Brazilian. I did the installation site of the Orange and it is working properly, but I do not know how to change the default language (which is English) for my language I am (I'm Brazilian).
    I downloaded the language pack on the official site of the Orange, the file I downloaded was the lang_pt_br_full.php
    Now what do I do with this file, see the directory language has several language directories (the, en, es, it, nl and ru), I tried to create directory en and put the file inside, but did not work.

    What do I need to know is: What do I do with the file: OrangeHRM lang_pt_br_full.php for my stay in the Portuguese language of Brazil?

    Thanks to whoever can help me!