Language translation

  • After i started to use the translated version of orangehrm 2.6 of my language, which is different alphabetic characters,
    it seems everything working fine.
    But still i have problems on some English words which still existed when i tried to add data like,
    company Location LOC001, job title id JOB001, pay grade id SAL001, education id EDU001, Skill Id SKI001 and
    few other similar words.
    My question is ,I want to replace LOC000, JOB000, SAL000 and others,to my language
    so that when every time a user add data it appears like, ???001 instead of LOC001, JOB001 or EDU001 .
    where i can find those words or files and translate, so that they will have to meaning full words.

    Many thanx, in Advance for your support.

  • guys i am still looking for your replay about the translation. At least i need to know if it is legal and possible to change those Id's to my own language. So at least some body give me a green light so that i could continue my research on orange hrm.

  • THeir database words. Their can't be translated, as I see.
    You can only modify database or source code.

  • In which language you are translating this English code. May be it is due to problem with the tool you are using for translation or it is due to the coding trouble. Check that out you will definably get the solution.

  • Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text.

  • Language Converter software uses your computer to translate text from one natural language into another. The software will give you the gist of what is being said and with the latest technology