Data Import / Export Error

  • From a fresh installation (, all four of the Import and Export options give an error similar to -

    MySQL Query Error : SELECT export_id , name , fields , headings FROM hs_hr_custom_export ORDER BY name ASC and I believe it's because 'name' and 'fields' are reserved mysql keywords. However, I'm not sure why more people haven't had this problem so I wonder if there's something I'm doing wrong?

    Here are my other settings -
    * OrangeHRM :
    * PHP : 5.2.9
    * MySQL Client : 4.1.22
    * Memory limit : 128M
    * Maximum session lifetime : 1440

    Can anyone help?

  • are you using mysql in traditional mode, Data impor/export not supported for traditional mode yet.

  • Thank you for the reply Zanfer. I must admit, I'd not heard about Traditional mode so I did some investigating generally and found that mysql was at version 4.0 and thought that might have something to do with it, so I upgraded to 5.1 and the import/export feature pages show no errors now so it looks like that has done the trick.

    Thanks for the help. :)