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web installer does not go beyond db configura

  • I am trying to install Orange HRM (latest stable version), on windows xp.

    Apache 2.2.17
    MySQL 5.1.52
    PHP 5.2.14

    are already installed. Apache and MySQL are running.

    Web installer wizard takes me through the license to database configuration. when i give all the details and click on 'next' button, the screen goes blank. The URL shows http://localhost/orangehrm/install.php

    I am not sure why the wizard is not going to 'checkSystem' which is the next step. I tried this with Firefox as well as IE as browsers and same problem is occurring.

    Please help.

  • I was able to use db script.sql file to create the database and its tables, as suggested in the FAQ. Now I am getting the Login page but logging in with 'demo' user, as suggested in the FAQ, is taking me to a blank page.