Approval Workflow

  • teresa

    There should be customizable workflow to define the approval path for leave application and time sheets


  • Mafaz Mazeen
    Mafaz Mazeen


    Can you explain this more? I think they do have a flow in that. ESS user applies and HR Admin approve.
    If you do have better idea lets talk and let them know.


  • Hi, I've been using OrangeHRm just about a week, and it is very great.
    Yes, I also have an question about that. Is there any automatic work-flow base on organization that we create.
    The approval for leave application is the supervisor of the applicant. So, if the organization is change, it will automatically changed.

    Is it Possible?

  • Yes. This is true. This is something we have to add to the product in future. How soon? we don't know. It depends on how many people would ask for this feature. We're now working on features that have a lot of demand from our user community, and hopefully we can visit this feature soon.

    FYI - OrangeHRM 2.6.1 will have a little more configurability, such that it will be possible to define flow to some extent where one can define the following flow options for a leave type:

        * Employee applies - supervisor/admin approves
        * Admin assigns leave

    It will be possible to define which option(s) is/are available for a leave type. We can extend this feature to include more flow options.

    Will you be able to share with us some of the optional flows that you would like to see us support in future.