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    This meassage from user:

    Can I recommend that it would be great to have different levels of Administrator access? There would be 2 Administrators (HR personnel) that would have access to load stuff onto the system. 1 Administrator would have full access to be able to view everything while she has an assistant that would not be able to view certain confidential (senior management) stuff on the system. The 2nd Administrator would only concentrate on the junior staff.

    I think this is where access levels need to be a priority (HR) since there would be highly confidential stuff with regards to documents and salaries.

    Thanks again.

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      Thanks for your recommendations!

      The only similar functionality that we have right now is, we can assign module-wise rights to different user groups. That is every HR-Admin user belongs to a user-group. And these user groups could be assigned rights(add/edit/delete/view) to each different module. ex: You can have a 2 HR-Admin users, one capable of all rights (add/edit/delete/view) in both Admin module and PIM while the second HR-Admin user being only given full access to PIM only. To do this the two users should be assigned to two different user groups, first group having all rights set to both Admin, PIM and second group just having rights for PIM only. The problem is rights are set to whole module and not different parts of it.

      The above said information applies only to HR-Admin Users, there are another type of users called ESS users. Every company employee is created a ESS user account. They are only allowed to change a few select personal information themselves without HR-personnel involvement.


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