OptiPNG available on Mercurial repo

Dear faithful OptiPNG users,

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of my development branch to a Mercurial repository at SourceForge. You may browse, build, enhance, fork, distribute for free, or make money out of this bleeding-edge (but well-tested!) code, in any way you see fit, as long as you comply to the terms of its license. Should you write code that eventually lands in the main source tree, you will become a contributing author, unless you decline and prefer to assign your copyright to me instead.

And I encourage you to get involved. My own involvement in OptiPNG development has been little, and, at various points in time, it stopped completely, as it is the case now. I have, therefore, decided to have my offline development source tree transfered online, and a volunteer agreed to take care of its maintenance.

Thank you for using OptiPNG, for submitting patches, bug reports and feature requests, and for waiting patiently for as long as it took to get your patches integrated, or your requests implemented.


Cosmin Truta

Posted by Cosmin Truta 2012-03-06