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New publication with opt4j

  • Mateus Borges
    Mateus Borges


    My research group developed over the last year a new constraint solver for dealing with numeric constraints (floating-point operations and math functions), called CORAL, using opt4j as the underlying optimization framework. Recently, we had a paper accepted at the Nasa Formal Methods Symposium (here), and I would like to thank everyone who helped to develop opt4j - great work guys :D

    My sincere thanks,

    Mateus Borges   

  • Felix Reimann
    Felix Reimann

    Hello Mateus,
    thank you very much for your message. It is very nice to hear that our effort is useful and for what kind of tasks Opt4J it is used out there. We will reference your paper to in our list of papers using Opt4J.

    For future references of Opt4J, we have now a paper "Opt4J - A Modular Framework for Meta-heuristic Optimization" which will be published at GECCO 2011 and we would kindly ask to reference this in the future in your works.

    I hope to hear more of you and do not hesitate to give hints for further improvements.

    Felix Reimann

  • Hi Mateus,
    congratulations, that is in fact nice news. I will put your paper on the about webpage under publications that use Opt4J.

    We will have a paper on Opt4J published at GECCO 2011, you can then cite this in the future if you plan further publications:
      title = {{Opt4J - A Modular Framework for Meta-heuristic Optimization}},
      author = {Lukasiewycz,Martin and Gla{\ss},Michael and Reimann,Felix and Teich,J{\"u}rgen},
      booktitle = {Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computing Conference (GECCO 2011)},
      address = {Dublin, Ireland},
      year = {2011},
      date = {July 12-16}

    Best Regards,