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2004-01-18  Philippe Elie  <>

	* libop/op_sample_file.h: with cg file we need to field is_kernel.
	* daemon/opd_events.c:
	* daemon/opd_events.h:
	* daemon/opd_mangling.c:
	* daemon/liblegacy/opd_sample_files.c: handle cg_to_is_kernel

	* pp/populate.cpp:
	* pp/populate.h:
	* pp/image_errors.cpp:
	* pp/image_errors.h: move this four files to libpp

	* libpp/populate.cpp: we can get empty filename now, ignore them.
	* libpp/image_error.h: remove this file by moving its contents ...
	* libpp/image_errors.h here (this two filenames was confusing)

	* libpp/ update according to files move.

	* libpp/arrange_profiles.h:
	* libpp/arrange_profiles.cpp: Fix find_profile_sample_files(), I was
	  creating to many profile_sample_files. Add a bunch of operator<<.

	* libpp/callgraph_container.h:
	* libpp/callgraph_container.cpp:

	* libpp/filename_spec.h: add cg_filename member
	* libpp/filename_spec.cpp: handle cg_filename, Fix an error in
	  is_dependant(), I'm a bit nervous about this predicate...

	* libpp/locate_images.h:
	* libpp/locate_images.cpp: #include fix

	* libpp/parse_filename.cpp: Fix cg filename handling to not trigger
	  some invalid_filename error with cg filename.

	* libpp/profile.h:
	* libpp/profile.cpp: we can no longer assume we use u32, so use
	  odb_key_t in public interface. Add operator== acting on iterator

	* libpp/symbol_container.cpp:
	* libpp/symbol_container.h: add find(symbol const &);
	* libpp/profile_container.h:
	* libpp/profile_container.cpp: add a public interface to iterate over
	  all smybols and to find a specific symbol

	* libpp/symbol.h: typo, missing include

	* pp/ handle opstack various new files and files move to

	* pp/opreport.cpp:
	* pp/opannotate.cpp: pass symbol_filter as params to populate()

	* pp/opannotate_options.cpp: add verbose output of profile_classes
	* pp/opgprof_options.cpp:
	* pp/opreport_options.cpp:

	* pp/opstack.cpp:
	* pp/opstack_options.cpp:
	* pp/opstack_options.h: new callgraph utility far to be complete but
	  enough to start to play with callgraph.

2004-01-04  Philippe Elie  <>

	* libutil/op_fileio.c: op_write_file(): allow to write zero byte.
	* libutil/op_fileio.h: add fatal error for opd_read_int_from_file()
	* daemon/init.c: add fatal error for opd_read_fs_int
	* daemon/oprofiled.c:
	* daemon/oprofiled.h:
	* daemon/liblegacy/init.c:
	* daemon/liblegacy/opd_24_stats.c: use this new fatal parameter
	* daemon/opd_stats.c: dump /dev/oprofile/stats/*

	* daemon/opd_sfile.c:
	* daemon/opd_sfile.h: augment opd_sfile with an hash table of related
	  call graph file
	* daemon/opd_mangling.c:
	* daemon/opd_mangling.h:
	* daemon/liblegacy/opd_sample_files.c:
	* libop/op_mangle.c:
	* libop/op_mangle.h: use new mangling name scheme, in short word:
	  {dep} part is no longer optionnal, a {cg}/binary_name can optionnally
	  follow the {dep} part
	* libop/tests/mangle_tests.c: update test according to sample filename

	* libpp/filename_spec.cpp:
	* libpp/filename_spec.h: filename_spec::is_dependant() new function
	* libpp/parse_filename.h: add a cg_image member
	* libpp/parse_filename.cpp: handle callgraph filename

	* libpp/arrange_profiles.cpp:
	* libpp/arrange_profiles.h: rather to use string for sample files, use
	  a { string sample_filename, list<string> cg_files }, if {dep} part
	  != {cg} part it's a cross-call binary.
	  Note the sample_filename string can be empty (callgraph file w/o any
	  samples into a binary)

	* libpp/profile_spec.h:
	* libpp/profile_spec.cpp: fix filtering of callgraph filename (this fix
	  Carlo problem where opreport die with an invalid_filename error)

	* pp/opgprof.cpp: use the new arrange_profiles.h API to acquire
	  callgraph filename associated with a binary
	* pp/opgprof_options.cpp: don't filter callgraph filename

	* pp/opreport.cpp:
	* pp/populate.cpp: update according arrange_profile API change

	* utils/opcontrol: add --callgraph=#depth parameter
	* doc/
	* doc/oprofile.xml: document opcontrol --callgraph=#depth

2004-01-16  Will Cohen  <>

	* libutil++/op_bfd.cpp: Always use filepos of original file.

2004-01-16  Will Cohen  <>

	* libop/op_config.h (DEBUGDIR): New.
	* libutil/op_fileio.h:
	* libutil/op_fileio.c: New function calc_crc32
	* libutil++/ Add libop to include directory.
	* libutil++/op_bfd.h:
	* libutil++/op_bfd.cpp: New functions separate_debug_file_exists,
	  get_debug_link_info, find_separate_debug_file, open_bfd, and
	  get_symbols_from_file to support separate debug files. 

2004-01-02  Philippe Elie  <>

	* pp/opgprof_options.cpp: use the proper type for options::demangle

2004-01-01  Philippe Elie  <>

	* libregex/op_regex.cpp:
	* libregex/op_regex.h: tidy a bit private interface

2004-01-01  Philippe Elie  <>

	* gui/oprof_start_config.h:
	* gui/oprof_start_util.h:
	* libpp/symbol.h:
	* libutil++/cverb.cpp:
	* libutil++/cverb.h:
	* pp/opannotate_options.cpp:
	* pp/opgprof_options.cpp: move some #include <> from .h to .cpp

2004-01-01  Philippe Elie  <>

	* libregex/op_regex.cpp: don't assume int('a') > int('0')

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