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Read Me

This testsuite directory contains a simple testsuite to check the
functionality of OProfile on the machine. Running the OProfile
testsuite requires the following:

-Superuser privileges
-The dejagnu and expect packages installed
-The OProfile commands to be on the PATH

The tests are run by being in this directory and running the following command:

runtest --tool oprofile

The tests will run and at the end should print out the number of tests
that passed and failed. Ideally, there should be no failures listed,
only "# of expected passes".

The testsuite is flexible and should run on a variety of different
architectures without change, but there may be some architectures
which are not yet included in the testsuite.

The testsuite suite is not a exhaustive test of all the options and
features of OProfile. It is designed to automate the simple smoke
tests that people commonly do to make sure that nothing is "horribly
wrong" and that the basic functionality works.

Comments about and additions to the testsuite infrastructure are