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Diff of /oprofile-0.1/4000000.out [000000] .. [b9a459] Maximize Restore

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--- a
+++ b/oprofile-0.1/4000000.out
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
+started 4000000
+Daemon started. Remember you may need to use op_dump
+to retrieve profile data
+done one
+real	8m7.380s
+user	13m14.520s
+sys	0m58.210s
+done one
+real	8m7.172s
+user	13m14.600s
+sys	0m57.350s
+done one
+real	8m7.344s
+user	13m14.400s
+sys	0m58.450s
+done one
+real	8m7.378s
+user	13m14.460s
+sys	0m58.010s
+Stopping profiling and killing daemon
+stopped 4000000