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[b9a459]: oprofile-0.1-2 / 50000.out Maximize Restore History

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50000.out    26 lines (21 with data), 376 Bytes

started 50000 50000
Daemon started. Remember you may need to use op_dump
to retrieve profile data
done one

real	8m29.173s
user	13m45.740s
sys	0m59.300s
done one

real	8m30.119s
user	13m45.460s
sys	0m59.000s
done one

real	8m27.376s
user	13m45.690s
sys	0m59.000s
done one

real	8m30.899s
user	13m46.070s
sys	0m58.940s
Stopping profiling and killing daemon
stopped 50000 50000