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Date:  Thu, Sep 22, 2011 07:19 AM
To:  "ztransform"<czhou2@qq.com>;
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Subject:  Re: About Anonymous Symbol in Opreport
ztransform wrote:
> Hi,

> I am new guy to oprofile. I have a question on opreport.

> When i profile the code and dump the opreport, I found a "anonymous symbol from section .text ", I am using icc and yasm to compile the code. I am suspecting that "anonymous symbol " is an asm function, But I do not know why this function name does not show up. I do not stipe the asm *.o file.

I don't speak icc or yasm, but I assume it generates an ELF binary.
Yes, it generates an ELF binary.
In the report, what image name is associated with this entry?
It is video encoder written by ourself.
What does 'file <image-name>' say in regards to it being stripped or not? 
How can we view the stripped information from the image file?
What is the percentage of samples attributed to this anonymous symbol? 
(11678     4.4190  encoder.out              anonymous symbol from section .text) It takes 4.4190.
 What version of oprofile are you running? 
The version of oprofile I run is  0.9.6.
Is this a C++ app? 
It is C app.


> Can  someone please give some clue on this?

> Thanks and Regards.
> Zhou, Chao