Maybe you can try start oprofile with timer mode in case this processor is not support well yet.


On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 12:00 PM, Arabinda Verma <> wrote:
Thanks Maynard for the reply.
I have tried as you have advised. It is happily taking the detault path /var/lib/oprofile.
The file system is mounted through the NFS on host. Can this be an issue?

On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 9:08 PM, Maynard Johnson <> wrote:
Arabinda Verma wrote:
Hello List,

I am trying to run Oprofile 0.9.5 on ARMv6 based target.

The CPU on target is S3C64100 a ARMv6 processor. I have compiled the kernel
2.6.21 with following config options


Oprofile 0.9.5 and libpopt was compiled. The compilation and installation
went through smoothly. Have I missed any thing while compilation? Or the
libpopt was incompatible with oprofile 0.9.5.

I have used following sequence of command and setup for profiling.

opcontrol --no-vmlinux --image=all --callgraph=20 --setup

opcontrol --start

Add '--verbose' to your start command and make sure the oprofile daemon is starting with the default session-dir . . . /var/lib/oprofile.  If it's not, then deinit oprofile and do one of the following:
  1) rm /root/.oprofile/daemonrc (and redo your setup commands) or
  2) run 'opcontrol --setup --session-dir=/var/lib/oprofile' and restart oprofile


The Oprofile Daemon start without any error.

After letting it run for couple of minutes, profiling was stopped.
opcontrol --stop

Then dumped the data with
opcontrol --dump

The result with
opreport --callgraph.

The opreport command gives following output
error: no sample files found: profile specification too strict ?

The kernel boot message detects the ARMv6 with following message
Oprofile: using ARMv6

The /dev/oprofile is mounted.

Your help will be highly appreciated.



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