I believe the daemon is running - ps shows the following process:
        329 root       2312 R   /mnt/bin/oprofiled --session-dir=/var/lib/oprofile --

Does this daemon create the file:

If so this is the file that is filled with the message:
        oprofiled: open of /var/lib/oprofile/samples//current/{root}//mnt/spa-terminal-test-stripped/CPU_CYCLES.10000.0.all.all.all failed: Invalid argument

If I look inside /var/lib/oprofile/samples the following driectory structure exists:

This directory contains the file CPU_CYCLES.10000.0.all.all.all, which is filld with NULLs



Richard Purdie <rpurdie@rpsys.net>

06/10/2009 13:56

Re: Problems running oprofiled on embedded arm - Invalid        Argument        in oprofiled


On Tue, 2009-10-06 at 13:17 +0100, Mark.Pashley@selex-comms.com wrote:
> I have now upgraded the kernel to version 2.6.30.  Unfortunately it
> has not made any difference and I still get the same problem, namely
> all of my samples being lost. Have you got any suggestions where to
> start looking for why these samples are being lost?

Ok, the next step is to figure out whether anything is getting to
userspace. When oprofile is running there should be a daemon taking
kernel buffers and emptying them into userspace. Is that daemon running
and does it notice data is there for collection?

My memory is fuzzy but there should be some way to make the output from
oprofiled more verbose so you can see what its doing...



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