Dear all,

Apologies if this has already been answered. I searched the mail list but couldn't locate..
I get the following from opreport:

warning: [heap] (tgid:17814 range:0x14a81000-0x15c74000) could not be found
Then I get the following dump:
vma         samples     %          app name                 symbol name
00000000   4361      4.4178  [heap] (tgid:17814 range:0x14a81000-0x15c74000) [heap] (tgid:17814 range:0x14a81000-0x15c74000)
  0000ac08   245       5.6180
  0000ac0c   981      22.4948
  0000ac10   497      11.3965
  0000ac14   627      14.3774
  0000ac50    1         0.0229
11c13638    4145      4.1990  linux_iss-image         timer_set_expt_internal
11c13638     32         0.7720
Now,  I guess there are quite a few(981) sample hits at 000ac0c above. How do I track which function is this?
This seems to be one of the highest consumers of the CPU for this process and I would really like to see what is going on here.
Any pointers would really help.

Thanks a lot!