I am trying to get a callgraph from a stripped binary running on my ARM Cortex A8, Linux 2.6.37 (with oprofile 0.9.9 installed).

Unfortunately when I add --callgraph to operf my system crashes. However, when using the legacy tool, opcontrol --callgraph=5/opcontrol start, then some data seems to be collected (and, yes, opcontrol --status outputs the correct depth).

With the data collected that way, I can then post-process the informations on my x86-PC, where I have the seperate debugging symbols corresponding to the stripped binary that I profiled above.

The problem is that now opreport only reports [self] entries when I report via -l -g --callgraph options, that is, I cannot see any callgraphs showing the relationships between calls.

Do you know why and/or a possible solution?