Good morning.  I am running Oprofile 0.9.4 on Centos Linux version 5.5 x86_32 .When I use opcontrol --start --session-dir=/home/frankc/DQTTest/Mary5Test and profile my application using /home/frankc/DQTTest5/MatchUpTest/lirh5g_deb/Mary48.exe --run, I encounter an error when I do opcontrol --dump.
        The error is: Unable to complete dump of oprofile data: is the oprofile daemon running? Why is the oprofile daemon stopping when I use opcontrol --start --session-dir=/home/frankc/DQTTest/Mary5Test rather than when I use oprofile --start. I checked the permissions on /home/frankc/DQTTest/Mary5Test and it is drwxrwxrwx. Thank you