I am new to Oprofile. I am running my daemon on MIPS-24K board to collect samples. Linux is 2.6.20. The samples generated are GLS_BINARY_MSB_FIRST type. Then I convert them into GLS_BINARY_LSB_FIRST type on a x86 machine using opimport and the generated abi for this MIPS processor. I have some queries or problems for which I need help to resolve them.
1] When I would like to use the data for analysis on host, I am not able to do so. Will anybody please tell me how this can be done and what are steps involved?
2] Also, in the mips/24K/events file there are many events listed along with the counters to ve used. When I try to profile for each one of them, I succeed for only a few. Has anyone an updated list of events supported on MIPS24K by Oprofile? Thanks.
3] I want to profile some of my user programs. Even when I run them all the time, oprofile samples do not display data pertainig to them, always. Why is it so?
4] Are the C++ dependencies a MUST for Oprofile?
5] What does the --no-vmlinux option signify? e.g. with opreport on MIPS I see a geat deal of CPU being used by no-vmlinux. Does it mean the kernel on target in use at the moment?
Would be great to hear from someone soon:-) I will be more than willing to share my experiences on MIPS.

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