I'm trying to get oprofile working under Android on an OMAP4 Blaze board.  I'm running into trouble getting it going.  I see this: 
$ opcontrol --setup
Unable to open cpu_type file for reading
Make sure you have done opcontrol --init
Please ignore the above error if running opcontrol --setup
mount: No such device
do_setup failed
I looked at the source, and it says:
    if (system("mount -t oprofilefs nodev "OP_DRIVER_BASE)) {
        return -1;
#define OP_DRIVER_BASE  "/dev/oprofile"
I'm a bit confused on the mount command, because when I look at the mount man page, it says nodev is an option, and there should be a device as the 2nd to last param.  Must be something simple?  Any help appreciated.
FYI, I followed instructions I found at omappedia.