Hi oprofile developers!
I am starting research on high performance computing and it requires some continuous runtime profiling of certain applications. Due to some limitations (virtualization to be specific) I am stuck with oprofile only.  I have gone through oprofile internals (not religiously through) and have certain queries, which i think might shorten my development time by giving me better understanding of oprofile.

1- I know that oprofile is a statistical system wide profiler, but what if I am interested to determine the performance counter value for an application at runtime without using dump or opreport.  Using dump to generate sample files is time consuming and not good for my case. Can someone please guide me,  where exactly or approx the data in the code is stored?  http://oprofile.sourceforge.net/doc/internals/core-structure.html is useful but does not exactly tell the coding internals.

2- Also when and where the data is copied over to oprofile daemon (oprofiled)? Is it possible for me to only flush the data of a specific application (say a.out)  to user space file without the overhead of system level sample files? I am not interested in maintaining call graph lists etc, just plain hardware performance counter values for an application.

I hope I am making sense.

thanks in advance