After running Oprofile on my virtual machine [Ubuntu 7.04, kernel
2.6.20] I am unable to generate a report because no sample file gets

~ $ sudo opcontrol --no-vmlinux

~ $ sudo opcontrol --start
Using default event: CPU_CLK_UNHALTED:100000:0:1:1
Using 2.6+ OProfile kernel interface.
Using log file /var/lib/oprofile/oprofiled.log
Daemon started.
Profiler running.

~ $ sudo opcontrol --dump

~ $ sudo opcontrol --shutdown

~ $ sudo opreport
opreport error: No sample file found: try running opcontrol --dump or
specify a session containing sample files

I checked the Oprofile FAQ which
"OProfile can't work with VMware when using performance counter
interface. A workaround is to use RTC mode (2.4 kernel) or timer
interrupt mode (2.6 kernel)"

So, on Ubuntu 7.04 I need timer interrupt mode. I then checked the
Oprofile configuration guide
which states that I can force timer-interrupt mode by setting Oprofile's
timer=1 module parameter. However, modinfo shows me that this parameter
is already set:

~ $ modinfo oprofile
description:    OProfile system profiler
author:         John Levon
license:        GPL
srcversion:     041F647C2EF855CDE9407AC
depends:        vermagic:       2.6.20-16-generic SMP mod_unload 586
parm:           p4force:int
parm:           timer:force use of timer interrupt (int)

Help would be appreciated.
... Dave

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