1. Can somebody suggest what would be a good counter value reset if I want to use Oprofile for call-graph profiling? I would like to be as accurate as possible in obtaining the call-graphs.  Is there a suggested call-depth value too?

2. Also, just wanted to confirm if I was doing it right - I have compiled the kernel with frame pointers and I hope that is sufficient to generate call-graphs from oprofile?  Apart from this, I need to specific call-depth to opcontrol and then after running whatever I need to, I just do a opreport -c?

3. Another question I have is regarding opreport, when I use "separate=all" option with opcontrol. When I try opreport it just does not allow me unless I say "merge=tgid". I understand why I should do this, but what I do not understand is that opreport fails saying it parsed some files twice, when I do a "merge=cpuid" option. Does anybody know why?

Thanks in advance.