>> opreport error: /var/lib/oprofile/samples/current/{kern}/no-vmlinux/{dep}/{kern}
>> /no-vmlinux/TIMER.0.0.all.all.all: Invalid argument

>We introduced a change in sample file format w/o bumping the file format
>version in 0.9.3 so you can get this message instead of a clean "sample
>file version mismatch". Try opcontrol --deinit; opcontrol --reset to ensure
>it remains no trace of older sample files.

I receive samples ( see stats in cpu0 ), but seems that the daemon doesn't write
the samples to the filesystem. How can I check if the opcontrol --dump write
something? It creates a directory tree, and I think, but I'm not sure, that the daemon write
each information in TIMER.0.0.all.all.all file. These files are empty. It is possible that the
samples produced by the 2.6.14 oprofile drivers is been changed and this version of
oprofile software doesn't take it in account?

Regards Michael

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