#217 opreport missing samples when using image filter

Maynard Johnson

Whe using the opcontrol options of '--separate=none' and '--image=<app_pathnam>', the profile collected typically shows much fewer samples attributed to the application binary than if you specified '--separate=lib,kernel'.

The change to daemon/opd_trans.c that was made on May 26, 2005 seems to be the cause. If the second part of the following if-statement (in opd_put_sample) is removed, then opreport shows the expected number of samples, regardless of the setting of the --separate option.

if (trans->current->ignored || (trans->last && trans->last->ignored))

Some investigation is needed to ascertain why this change was made. Perhaps it was addressing some other problem, but had the unintended consequence described here.


  • Since 1) this bug has been around for 7 years and no one but me has noticed it; and 2) the bug only shows up when *not* using --separate=lib (which really is the best way to configure oprofile); and 3) fixing this bug could have unintenced consequences (i.e., cause other problems); and 4) operf is now supplanting the opcontrol/oprofiled-based profiling mechanism . . . this bug will not be fixed.

    Closing bug.

    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix