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#212 perf-events git branch compile errors and fixes

Andreas Wirooks

I checked out the perf-events git branch yesterday because i have to do performance analysis on a virtualized multicoremachine. To use the vpmu in order with the perf-events git branch i installed the lates fedora 17 alpha with kernel 3.3.1 and compiled the latest libpfm4 by myself. Yesterday i tried to compile the oprofile perf-events git branch and had severel compile errors.

One thing is the HAVE_LIBPFM define wich is not properly set. Isn't there a configure option to enably this?

The other thing is the order of including <perf/libpfm.h> and one file missing this include completely.

Attached are the diffs with my results. I assume there is an other solution for die HAVE_LIBPFM instead of removing the ifdef's ;-) But there is still the problem with die ordering so pleays have attention to the position where the includes are. Maybe this all is fedora 17 alpha related wich comes with an very actual version of gcc. But i don't think the ordering will have effects on other versions of gcc and/or distribution.


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