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Back from Holiday

Hi All

I am now back from my holiday in Egypt and development will continue. Any suggestions or feature requests, please log them in the tracker.


Posted by Ray Booysen 2005-06-13


Apologies for the slow development times. I am expecting to be able to put some good hours in between today and Sunday. Some good code coming!

Posted by Ray Booysen 2005-05-24

OPML Base 0.1 Released

Version 0.1 of the base classes have been released. I havn't gotten around to bug testing these yet but they should be stable. The base classes will be responsible for handling the OPML data.

Posted by Ray Booysen 2005-05-15

Project Registered

Today I received the email that my project has been registered. Finally! Now the code can start to roll.

Posted by Ray Booysen 2005-05-07