Votes for solution setup

  • Theo Albers
    Theo Albers

    The suggested subprojects are:

    * Opf.Provider
    * Opf.Map
    * Opf.Query
    * Opf.Transaction
    * Opf.Cache
    * Opf.Profile
    * Opf.Log
    * Opf - The Broker

    Shall I setup one solution with one project:

    * Opf.sln
    ** <<folder>> Provider
    ** <<folder>> Map
    ** <<folder>> Query
    ** <<folder>> Transaction
    ** <<folder>> Cache
    ** <<folder>> Profile
    ** <<folder>> Log

    Or should I create an enterprise template with:
    * Opf.sln
    ** Opf.Provider.csproj
    ** Opf.csproj
    *** <<folder>> Map
    *** <<folder>> Query
    *** <<folder>> Transaction
    *** <<folder>> Cache
    ** Opf.Profile.csproj
    ** Opf.Log.csproj
    I'm tempted to put the database stuff in a separate dll, so the OPF could run without database connections.

    • Fernando Silva
      Fernando Silva

      We should not force a structure to the users, so I would not choose a template.
      OTOH, we should encapsulate as possible all modules so they can be created as separated and loaded on demand.
      As result, I would follow the development as your first option.

    • Theo Albers
      Theo Albers

      I have uploaded the new solution.
      Use "checkout module", "".

      Unfortunately\dbms, cache and query will stay in CVS, but they're empty.

      I want to integrate our solution with NUnit, so we can write some unittests as well