Altering the 'title' attribute of view members

  • Brian Jamieson
    Brian Jamieson

    Hi folks,

    I'm trying to figure out how to alter a list to allow the row URL 'title' attribute to display some calculated data as well as an entity property (in this case a 'call sign'):

    alternate text
    (This is a mock up courtesy of firebug...)

    My requirement is that the mouse-over title takes the 'callSign' and gets the name from a different OX table.

    I've not seen this done or discussed in the wiki or the handbook, and I'm not too sure what the right question is :( I've seen view customisation, but not list customisation.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to achieve this please?



  • Javier Paniza
    Javier Paniza

    Hi Brian,

    the content for tooltips is obtained from label i18n files using [description] in the key, as following:

    subfamilyNumber=Subfamily # This is the label
    subfamilyNumber[description]=The subfamily of product # This is the content of the tooltip

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