#13 Some logical malfunctions on the use of the game


In my opinion there is no more bugs in this project.Although with this artifact i am pointing some things which could make the game even better and more close to the reality.I summarize my observations in this artifact,Please do not consider that as a bug.First of all,there is no timer in the game,so the game may continue with no time limits.Also,there are no configuration button,so the only thing a player can do is take control of the ball and run so there is no buttons for tackle,shot,pass.Except from that,there are some things that doesn't move along with footballs tactics.No player move to the ball unless the ball is moving from another player.As a result the game may continue with no movement at all until one player take control of the ball.Also,when a player runs with the ball opponent players just run aside of him not trying to mark and take control of the ball.I'm pretty sure that,programming all this and fixing the previous bugs,we will have an even great project