Diffusion of Open Workbench

Elio Voci
  • Elio Voci
    Elio Voci

    I was looking since long for a replacement of MS Project.
    I was regularly monitoring SourceForge, and I also actively participated in the development of other software (GanttProject).
    It was pure luck I stepped into OWB, which I now appreciate much.
    I therefore tried to understand how come I never found it before, and I came to a few conclusions:
    1) The description is missing the keywork GANTT
    2) The ranking is relatively high
    While the description is easy to patch, the rank improvement would require a more active development effort: after all, one release a year is not exciting for this excellent product.

    • Dan Dumbrill
      Dan Dumbrill

      Thank you, for the complement and the suggestions.